Kissimme Sex Offender Found in Colorado Springs

A Kissimmee man suspected of committing Sexual Battery on a Juvenile has been located in an apartment complex in Colorado Springs. Springs Police were contacted by Florida officers on Friday afternoon, who told them a wanted man who hadn’t been seen since 2004 was hiding out in Colorado Springs.

Kissimmee police said 39-year-old Jon Register had overdosed on pills a few days before he was set to go to court for the battery charge. When he was released from the hospital, he told his parents he was going to commit suicide and then walked into the woods. He was not seen or heard from again.

Then, just recently, Kissimmee Police got a tip that Register was in Colorado Springs. Register was found and arrested at 435 W. Van Buren St. Apartment #B without incident on Friday. It is not known when he will face trial.